Home Office 1+1 優惠 House Blend(200g) + Guji Natural(200g)

Home Office 1+1 優惠 House Blend(200g) + Guji Natural(200g)

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Home office 咖啡豆之選,House Blend (200g) + Ethiopia Guji Natural (200g) 原價$110+$140 現時特價 $198 兩包 ,逢星期一二烘焙,星期三寄出!

House Blend

COCO’s signature house blend that everybody enjoys!

This is designed to showcase the original sweetness and the lively fruitiness from the coffee.

The blend component is rotating seasonally with our direct traded coffees, ensuring we are supporting the producers and maintaining the freshness and consistency from crop to crop.

Flavor - Stonefruits, Dark Chocolate, Syrupy

Guji Kilenso Natural

Region - Bule Hora, Guji

Process - Natural

Altitude - 1800 - 2120 masl

Varietal - Heirloom

Notes : Strawberry biscuit, White Peach, Vanilla 

We were impressed by its outstanding quality last year and thankfully we are able to source from them again.

Something different from last year, we requested to source cherry from specific Kebeles with higher altitude, tends to bring a higher sweetness and more complexity to the coffee for this year.